Netlify-CMS integration

#Authenticate with GitHub to work with the Netlify-CMS

When the deploy completes, you can see your site, but in order to use the CMS, you’ll need to set up authentication with GitHub.

First, register the site CMS as an authorized application with your GitHub account:

  1. Go to your account Settings page on GitHub, and click Oauth Applications under Developer Settings (or use this shortcut).
  2. Click Register a new application.
  3. For the Authorization callback URL, enter The other fields can contain anything you want.

GitHub Oauth Application setup example

When you complete the registration, you’ll be given a Client ID and a Client Secret for the app. You’ll need to add these to your Netlify project:

  1. Go to your Netlify dashboard and click on your project.
  2. Click the Access tab.
  3. Under Authentication Providers, click Install Provider.
  4. Select GitHub and enter the Client ID and Client Secret, then save.

After that, change the repo name in the config.yml in the admin directory.

 name: github  
 repo: user-name/repo-name #user/repo  
 branch: master

#Access the CMS

With the site deployed and authentication in place, you’ll be able to enter the CMS by going to the URL of your new site and appending /admin.